Saturday, 27 July 2013


Probably one of the best parts of the day for me is when I read the newspaper in the morning. But sadly, the type of news that are published in our country do not give a good start to one's day, but still, reading the morning paper is one of my weaknesses or rather a habit.
As usual when I picked up the paper today, I came across this news item:

And yes, it made me depressed. This piece of news was both a shame and disappointment for me. Shame and disappointment because the level of poverty and the difference between the haves and have nots has grown to such an extent that it makes our people to take such actions, such shameful but desperate actions.

And like every other Pakistani, my mind started to initiate the blame game. I asked myself, Whose fault is this?
The poor man's? 
Because he has failed to achieve an honest and clean survival in this society and this has led him to do such a deed.
The people around him?
Who have failed to ensure the well being of a fellow around them, even when our religion preaches it.
Or the Rulers?
Who have consistently failed to guarantee the endurance of thousands similar to this man, even when it is the duty of the state to ensure the well being, survival and security of every citizen.

Every other day, we get to hear news in which either one of the parents is killing his/her children due to extreme poverty and the fact that they have no hope for survival in this anarchic society. We, the Pakistanis, are fighting multiple wars constantly, war against poverty, inflation, corruption, lawlessness, terrorism, and what not.

Let's just hope that we win at least one of these wars.


  1. Whatever it is, poverty gives you no right to end your life! I was reading the other day the poverty and hunger that befell the muslims in the early days of islam! Did they end their lives too? It is only our low levels of imaan, our lack of trust in Allah and dishonesty that has condemned us to this fate! To win these wars, we must first correct ourselves! The rest will fall in place and there will be hope, InshaAllah.

  2. the end does not justify the means here!!! how can one hope to get a good result out of a wrong approach?!

  3. I did not blame the state and justify the poor man's deed. Of course this was a very weak decision on the part of the individual but our state and society has some responsibility towards the people who can not afford to even survive in this world, let alone get two meals a day.

  4. And nqurat this is just a start, thanks for the criticism I'll try to improve my writings :)

    1. It wasn't criticism, just my humble opinion! :P