Monday, 28 November 2011


NATO attacks in Pakistan and as a result 25 army men acquire shahadat, give me one good reason why my blood shouldnt boil or why I shouldnt curse USA?
It's so heart breaking to watch the reports about those soldiers on the news channels since they bring tears to one's eyes and melt even the hardest hearts!
May Allah bless the brave army men!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Life seems like a full stop at times. There are times when you feel like nothing can be done, but suddenly everything changes. There are many people that come and go in our life. Sometimes I wonder why do people enter our life if they have to leave us one day, but then again everything happens for a reason. An unknown reason most of the times...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

why here?

Because I had no other outlet. Or maybe I had but blogging seemed a better option.
So let's start, I'm a regular teenager cum student sum daughter cum sister. I'm not very vocal so I always wanted the world to know about my feelings through my words which is why I started writing poems. I wrote my first poem in 2007, it was one childish piece of literature of which I was very proud at that time =P
But with the passage of time, my poems got mature, deep and thought provoking. I sort of wanted to bring out my negativity in a positive manner that was by writing poems. I write articles and yes short stories as well. I am mostly quiet and like to observe things around me. I used to keep my opinions to myself but that is no more a record now since I'll be posting my opinions on this blog, after all this is what blogging is all about. LOL