Sunday, 15 March 2015

Of Puppets and Puppet Shows

A lot has happened and changed since I last posted anything here.

I have aged (can't help that, can I?).
I have more sins and probably some virtues to my credit than before.
I have a proper job now, probably the sort of position that a fresh graduate always desires.
I have made more friends, and probably lost some old ones (no one died, it's just that they got bored of me or vice versa).
I have more balance in my bank account (Yay).
And a lot of other things happened too, which are probably way too important or way too banal to be mentioned here.

So why exactly am I posting here after this elongated period of hibernation?
Still figuring out the answer for this one.

So the other day I came across this superb quote by German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (I love quotes btw):

"He who cannot obey himself will be commanded."

And it makes sense, like a lot of sense. Indecisive and naive people depend on the judgement and orders of others. At some point in my life, I was also a part of this category. But then, to my good luck, I changed. How? I don't know. Just miraculously happened overnight probably. But if you really try to absorb this quote, you'll feel a difference, trust me. We are not born to be puppets. This life is not supposed to be a puppet show. No one has the right to control the strings of someone else's life and actions. The problem lies with the puppet as well, not just the puppeteer. Why let anyone else have control over you in the first place?

Try and think about this, till I post something else. Hopefully, I'll write again. Until next time Fellas.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Vision 2025: A step towards a better Pakistan

When I think of a certain governmental era of Pakistan, a particular success or failure story comes into my mind. I believe, Vision 2025 is going to be that specific project which will be the defining success story of the present government in the years to come, and there are not one but many reasons for that. Vision 2025, a roadmap for Pakistan’s developmental progress basically revolves around seven basic pillars, each being a vital one. The beauty of Vision 2025 is that it encompasses a strategy for every menial and major problem that our country is facing, i.e. from energy shortages to illiteracy, interfaith harmony to promotion of culture etc.

To say that Vision 2025 is a product of the hard work of the present government only would be wrong because for something as extensive and far reaching in its scope, the Planning Commission engaged professionals from all walks of life to make sure that the Vision 2025 is a realistic and widely supported program. This Vision 2025 was reached by keeping in mind the forthcoming global trends – there is going to be a shift in the hub of the global economic activity, youth would emerge as the major portion of the developing societies, most of the population of the world would move to urban cities, energy demands would rise, water and food security would be threatened, just to name a few.

As mentioned earlier, Vision 2025 revolves around seven pillars however, this post will focus on the 3rd pillar that is “Governance, Institutional Reform and Modernization of the Public Sector”.
No second thought should be spared on the idea that Governance is a cardinal feature in the development of a country. #Vision2025 will make sure that governance is made transparent and accountable at all levels. Pakistan has already suffered due to mismanagement and bad governance. Corruption is rampant not only at upper levels but also at the lowest levels of authority. By inculcating the ideals of good governance, the process of development can be effectuated more effectively.

Another important governance related point which needed some limelight was reinforcing the writ of the state and Vision 2025 does not disappoint in this regard. For good governance, it is a primary requirement that the state is sole in charge of the happenings and no non-state actor should have the courage to disrupt or challenge the writ of the state.

To overcome the provincial grievances, Vision 2025 would focus on the fact that both the federal and provincial governments work as a team and make sure that the goals set by Vision 2025 are achieved in the agreed time. More powers would be devolved to the provinces so that they can build up their own capacity for the progress of their region, this would mean that the federal government would not be subjected to the blame-game and provincial governments themselves would have vital say in what takes place in their jurisdiction.

Another basic agenda would be to introduce accountability of our institutions, through which they will regain their glory and prestige. By re-orienting the reach of a common man towards a particular government institution, Vision 2025 aims at ‘redefining the state-citizen relationship’. Personally, one of the most revolutionary goals of the Vision 2025 is the revamping of criminal justice system in Pakistan; reason being that our courts and judicial institutions are pretty much mired in the same old ways. As the saying goes, “Justice delayed is Justice denied”, there was an urgent need of rethinking the criminal justice system in Pakistan, by making this particular structure more efficient and speedy, we sure have a way of improving the public image of our institutions.

Also, it is time that we let go of the traditional ways of governance where all the power is concentrated in the hands of the state. Vision 2025 would lead us to a path where the private sector is also a significant body of authority especially in the economic arena.

This pillar also talks about the innumerable obstructions existing between the citizen and government interaction and how they are to be reduced so that the people are easily in contact with their representatives. The Vision 2025 would also ensure a political culture where there is an increased value attached with the citizen feedback, this would be attained by sharing facts and figures about development plans with the masses through official websites.

Certainly, it is never too late to fix the wrongs of the past, and through #Vision2025, we can certainly put Pakistan back in the right direction. 

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Saturday, 27 July 2013


Probably one of the best parts of the day for me is when I read the newspaper in the morning. But sadly, the type of news that are published in our country do not give a good start to one's day, but still, reading the morning paper is one of my weaknesses or rather a habit.
As usual when I picked up the paper today, I came across this news item:

And yes, it made me depressed. This piece of news was both a shame and disappointment for me. Shame and disappointment because the level of poverty and the difference between the haves and have nots has grown to such an extent that it makes our people to take such actions, such shameful but desperate actions.

And like every other Pakistani, my mind started to initiate the blame game. I asked myself, Whose fault is this?
The poor man's? 
Because he has failed to achieve an honest and clean survival in this society and this has led him to do such a deed.
The people around him?
Who have failed to ensure the well being of a fellow around them, even when our religion preaches it.
Or the Rulers?
Who have consistently failed to guarantee the endurance of thousands similar to this man, even when it is the duty of the state to ensure the well being, survival and security of every citizen.

Every other day, we get to hear news in which either one of the parents is killing his/her children due to extreme poverty and the fact that they have no hope for survival in this anarchic society. We, the Pakistanis, are fighting multiple wars constantly, war against poverty, inflation, corruption, lawlessness, terrorism, and what not.

Let's just hope that we win at least one of these wars.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Question of the day! How will i get more followers on twitter and readers for my blog?
I mean seriously!

Story of a student...

So the summers are about to begin, and this time I badly want to grab an internship or something of the same sort. I mean seriously paid or unpaid doesnt matter! well it does =P
but anyway!

Monday, 28 November 2011


NATO attacks in Pakistan and as a result 25 army men acquire shahadat, give me one good reason why my blood shouldnt boil or why I shouldnt curse USA?
It's so heart breaking to watch the reports about those soldiers on the news channels since they bring tears to one's eyes and melt even the hardest hearts!
May Allah bless the brave army men!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Life seems like a full stop at times. There are times when you feel like nothing can be done, but suddenly everything changes. There are many people that come and go in our life. Sometimes I wonder why do people enter our life if they have to leave us one day, but then again everything happens for a reason. An unknown reason most of the times...